Whales have smooth rubber skin that helps them to glide through the water. Whales are warm-blooded so they are warm in the cold water. Whales have a layer of hair. Whales are mostly kept warm by their bladder and a layer of fat. Whales are never cold because they have so much to keep them warm. 

A whale can live off its bladder for a long time which is good if they can’t find food to eat so 6they can live of their bladder until they find some food to eat. Whales eat squids, other fish and krill. Whales live in lots of seas like tropical seas, ice polar, oceans, edge of the ice Arctic park and shore water.

 Some whale eat little for 8 months while migrating or breeding. Whale find each when they are lost by making high pitch noises that help them to find each other. Whale swim in groups and in their groups they have different high pitch sound they make.

Whale swim by flapping their tails fin from side to side. Whale come up from the water every 5-15 minutes to breath and blow water out there air 


One of my favourite books

One of my favourite books are don’t follow Vee. I love don’t follow Vee because I like family and friendship books. Which this book is. She doesn’t have a dad only a mum. Her friend is a burger eat on Instagram.

Don’t follow Vee is about a girl who is famous on instagram and her mum is crazy about taking photos every minute. She try’s to get her mum in to going out with friends and making new ones so she stops taking pictures of her. She has a friend to help her. 

Oliver Phommovanh is the author of this book. This book is good if you want a short read don’t follow Vee is for you. Don’t follow vee is a easy read. I give this book a 7/10 because this book is a great easy short and fun book to read.

Have you read this book? If you have did you like it? 


Christmas is special to my because it celebrates Jesus birth. Christmas is where you buy gifts for you family and you decorate your house and sing Christmas carols. On Christmas Eve you put food out for Santa and his reindeers. Christmas is celebrated with family through the whole day.

To decorate your house people use lights Santa statues and wreaths. In inside people use Christmas trees and reindeer. When you see your family on Christmas Day you give them gifts and they give you some back. People did this because when Jesus was born people gave his gifts. We also eat turkey and other foods.

Things most people do on Christmas are Christmas bonbons which is where you pull on different sides of the bonbons and one person gets the gift inside. People put Christmas trees in their houses and decorate them and Santa puts the presents under the tree. People spend most of the time with their family’s because Christmas is all about spending time with family.


What I know about the gold rush era Reflection

Live on the gold fields. I have learnt so much about the gold rush. I  have learnt that the Eureka stockade was started by people that thought the gold license were silly. I also learnt that the Eureka Hotel burnt because someone was didn’t go to jail after he killed someone when people saw the murder and he was allowed to walk the streets because he was friends with the traps.

I learnt that if you had a business on the goldfields you need a license for that. Kids were see not heard it was not common for kids to ask questions but now teacher expert questions. Live as a Aboriginal was very hard because they were call animals and not people, Chinese had a different camp and one day people came and cut there hair and pushed them out of the goldfields and told them to go back to China.

Traps were very unliked because they always bothered you so you payed them to go way. The traps are why people made the Eureka stockade. Everyone hated the traps if they weren’t your friend. That why someone got to walk the streets again. Live was very unfair.


The streets were very dusty and the buildings were on the one street the Main Street. The gold field was like a big town. People lived in tents with a fire and some fabric beds. At night it was very cold and you only had a sheet to keep you warm at night which didn’t work so you were so cold at night. In the day you have one outfit for the whole week and on Sunday you had church so you wore your best outfit.

Did you know that? 

Book week

This term we have be reading short listed book. My favourite book was Make Believe. The over all winner was Sorry Day. I think all the books should have one. Make believe was my favourite book because it when I opened the book the set out was cool and the drawings were so good it made me want to read it. This book helps you to draw really cool pictures.

What makes a good information book? A good information book was a lot of fact about the book or picture and a information book also needs pictures to show a picture of what you are writing about. Information books don’t need to be big.

On dress up day I dressed up as Vee from Don’t follow Vee. My sister dress up as Matilda she look really good. Lots of people dress up as Charlie and the chocolate factory and Harry Potter.

We had a theme which was reading is my secret power or you could dress up as your favourite book character.

What is your favourite book?

Camp reflection

Last week my class went on camp. We went to sovereign hill. It was my favourite camp. My favourite parts were the sound and light show, lollies and dressing up the we were from the 1858. I love seeing the teacher dressing up. I love shopping. I didn’t want to leave. 

I love dressing up as someone from the 1858. It was fun seeing what life was like in the gold rush. The sound and light show was better then I thought it would be, I love the 3D and the screen. The food was so good ,especially the desert. I loved camp so much that I wanted to  stay.

I was in the second richest school. I love school we got to stitch and the boys draw. Girls and boys played with different toys. We had to write in fancy writing. Our tables had a space to put your stuff. You needed to pay the teacher each week 2 shillings 12 pennys. 

I was so exited when we arrived at camp. I was so happy that we got to dress up. I was so sad when we had to leave I love everything about camp except Leaving. I wish we could go back and do it all again. It was a great experience.

Carey Celebrates Literature

My favourite part about the literature festival was reading to my buddy. I also like went buddy’s came and did my groups activity. There were lots of activities that went well. I liked seeing other buddy’s have fun together. I liked when my buddy read to my she is good at reading.

The things I learnt about Mark Wilson was that he started to draw at a young age. He had so much to say. There were lots of stories that he told. They were good stories. My favourite part was when we did the work shop because I learnt that I am not as bad as I thought.

What was your favourite part about the CCL? ( Carey Celebrates Literature) 


My favourite book this term

I like the history and family because I can learn  about the passed and books that have a meaning about respect to family. An example of this is a book that has both genres shadow.

My favourite book chat this year is Once because the book horns you in straight away. This is a must read if you like the book there is a series of books. This book in includes violence and death. 

What genre or genres do you fancy? Are you going to read Once? 

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